Creator Terms

Welcome to the Readyartz community! Your contributions as a creator enrich our marketplace with high-quality digital cartography assets and map commissions, fostering a vibrant community of creativity and exploration.


1. Account Registration and Creator Verification

  • Ensure your account registration includes accurate and complete information.

  • Verification is required to start selling, aimed at maintaining the marketplace's integrity.


2. Listing of Products

To maintain the quality of our marketplace, please adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Accurate Descriptions: Provide detailed, truthful information about your product's features and limitations.

  • Visual Quality: Use high-resolution images to represent your product accurately.

  • Content Quality: Your products should be valuable, well-crafted, and error-free.

  • Store Presentation: Your store name should be appropriate and professional, reflecting the quality of your offerings. Pen names are acceptable if they adhere to community standards.

  • Copyright and Ownership: Ensure you have the rights to sell your product, including sublicensing rights to us for distribution.

  • AI Artwork Use: AI-generated artwork is permitted for cover images or marketing materials, not as the main product content.

  • Proper Tagging: Use accurate tags for better discoverability.

  • Compliance: Your products must comply with intellectual property laws. Violations may lead to product removal or account suspension.


3. Intellectual Property Rights

  • You retain ownership of your products but grant us a license to promote and distribute them.

  • You confirm that you have the rights to sell your content, free from third-party claims.


4. Setting Prices and "Coffees" Purchases

  • Minimum Price Policy: Products must be listed for free or a minimum of $3 or 1 coffee, ensuring fair compensation.

  • Compensation for "Coffees" Transactions: Creators receive $2 per transaction made with "coffees," with Readyartz absorbing transaction fees from bulk discounts.


5. Fees and Revenue Share

Upon reaching our first platform goal of hosting 10 active creators, the platform fee for all sales will be reduced from 20% to 15%. This adjustment reflects our commitment to supporting our creators' success.

Payment Schedule: Payments to Creators will be issued on a monthly basis, provided they meet the minimum payout threshold of $100. All payments will be processed through Manuel Bank Transfers.

Timing of Payments and Potential Delays: Payments to Creators are processed typically on the first week of every month. However, Creators should be aware of and prepare for potential delays in receiving payments due to factors beyond Readyartz's control, such as Bank Processing Times.


6. Product Removal and Continued Access

Removed products will no longer be available for new sales but must remain accessible to users who have already purchased them.


7. Creator Responsibilities

  • Prompt Order Fulfillment: Deliver digital products or complete commissioned work as advertised.

  • Customer Support: Provide clear, professional support, addressing buyer inquiries and product issues promptly.

  • Dispute Resolution: Handle disputes amicably, with support from Readyartz if necessary.

  • Marketplace Standards: Adhere to marketplace policies, ensuring your offerings contribute positively to the Readyartz community.


8. Prohibited Activities

Activities such as fraud, misrepresentation, or distribution of harmful content are strictly prohibited.


9. Termination and Suspension

Violations of these terms or our main Terms of Use may result in account termination or suspension.