Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between @readymaps and Readyartz Inc.?

@readymaps is the professional alias of Mursit Ozoglu, a medieval enthusiast specializing in cartography, worldbuilding, and plotting. Readyartz Inc. is the expansive platform he founded, catering to a wider creative community with various digital assets and services.


Can we commission Mursit Ozoglu through Readyartz Inc.?

Mursit Ozoglu is available for commissions, focusing on cartography, worldbuilding, and plotting. 


Can we commission Creators through Readyartz Inc.?

As Readyartz Inc. progresses and achieves its second goal, the platform will allow other creators to offer their services as well. 


Can we use Readyartz Inc. assets for streaming or making YouTube videos?

Yes, our assets can be used in your streaming and YouTube content with proper attribution. For guidelines, please see our "Content Use of Readyartz Inc." document.


How long does it take to prepare a pack of assets?

Asset packs are typically ready within 1 to 3 days, ensuring quality and timeliness for your projects.


Is commercial use allowed for Readyartz Inc. assets?

Commercial use is permitted under our membership plans. For details, visit our related Memberships page.


Can users contribute or suggest new asset types for the platform?

Yes, Readyartz Inc. welcomes suggestions and contributions from our community. If you have ideas for new asset types or specific content you'd like to see, please share your thoughts with us via or on our Discord community.


Can creators sell their own licenses for assets on Readyartz Inc.?

Creators have the option to offer their content under their own specific licenses. Readyartz Inc. facilitates this choice but is not responsible for the enforcement or management of these individual agreements.


For further inquiries or more information, reach out to us at or connect on our Discord community for faster communication. 

We're excited to support your creative journey with Readyartz Inc.