Clouds Pack (Old-school)
Clouds Pack (Old-school)  Clouds Pack (Old-school) 

Clouds Pack (Old-school)

  • Creators: Emre Selcuk, Mursit Ozoglu
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  • $3.00

  • Coffee: 1

We have 20 types of clouds in this pack and each of them has sample and custom colorable versions. (40 in total)

While making these clouds we wanted to make a twist and also solve a problem about clouds in Wonderdraft. 

  • The twist is that the clouds can have thin and thick parts so we made them with small gaps to have a natural feeling.

Because of this, we believe that they are combinable with many other artstyles.

  • In Wonderdraft clouds are sample colorable which sometimes makes it hard to color them in mountainous places. That is why we have both sample and custom colorable versions and you can use them depending on your needs

Pro tip: You can reduce the gaps by multiplying the clouds when you finish placing them. For that, simply click one cloud while holding shift and it will copy an overlayed one.

We hope you like them and happy mappings

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