Kapok Pack (Dotty)
Kapok Pack (Dotty)  Kapok Pack (Dotty)  Kapok Pack (Dotty) 

Kapok Pack (Dotty)

  • Creators: Hilmi Korkmaz, Mursit Ozoglu
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  • $3.00

  • Coffee: 1

We made ivied kapok trees to represent jungles. You can mix them with palms and other trees as well.

This pack is designed to be used only in Wonderdraft!

The trees are custom and sample colorable.

We hope you like them.

Tags: cartography, map, mapping, mapmaking, asset, assets, colorable, custom, drawn, fantasy, figures, icons, medieval, dotty, stippling, stippled, cute, ready, readyartz, readymaps, symbol, wonderdraft, worldbuilding, dnd, tabletop, writing, novel, cartoon, cartoony, tree, trees, nature, kapok, kapoks, jungle,