Cliffs Packs I & II (Dotty)
Cliffs Packs I & II (Dotty)  Cliffs Packs I & II (Dotty) 

Cliffs Packs I & II (Dotty)

  • Creators: Hilmi Korkmaz, Mursit Ozoglu
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60+ dotty cliffs

This pack is designed to be used only in Wonderdraft!

We made some dotty cliffs to grow the collection. The seperated ones on the cover are the assets inside this pack. Those 3 plateaus are made with them to show how it works. There are also 3 short mesas in the pack.

Tip: Use mirroring and rotation to make life easier. :P

We hope you like them and happy mappings!

Tags: cartography, map, mapping, mapmaking, asset, assets, colorable, custom, drawn, fantasy, figures, icons, medieval, dotty, stippling, stippled, cute, ready, readyartz, readymaps, symbol, wonderdraft, worldbuilding, dnd, tabletop, writing, novel, cartoon, cartoony, cliff, cliffs, mesa, mesas,