Borders Pack (Dotty)
Borders Pack (Dotty)  Borders Pack (Dotty)  Borders Pack (Dotty) 

Borders Pack (Dotty)

  • Creators: Hilmi Korkmaz, Mursit Ozoglu
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  • $5.00

  • Coffee: 1

The pack contains 16 types of borders (60+ assets), all the designs have 3 sizes (S,M,L) to make borders more easyly and they can be custom colored.

This pack is designed to be used only in Wonderdraft!

Note: You can combine some of the borders if you like to make thicker borders (like some historical arts).

Tip: Use mirroring and manual sizing the assets to make life easer for you. :P

Tags: cartography, map, mapping, mapmaking, asset, assets, colorable, custom, drawn, fantasy, figures, icons, medieval, dotty, stippling, stippled, cute, ready, readyartz, readymaps, symbol, wonderdraft, worldbuilding, dnd, tabletop, writing, novel, cartoon, cartoony, border, borders, frame, frames,